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Village Name Milliways


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Contact SuperQ,
  1. milliways in
Part of Cluster Cluster:magrathea

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Assigned Field Wozniak Field
Description The restaurant at the end of the Universe

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Registered on 6 January 2016 01:30:00
Hosts self-organized sessions Yes
Other villages by tags...

Name Arrival Departure Bringing
Fenrir Verfied.png Fri Aug 4 0:00 Tue Aug 8 0:00 Goed verhaal, lekker kort
Nordin Verfied.png Thu Aug 3 15:00 Wed Aug 9 12:00 Tent and a wee deck chair = the good life.
Pronto Verfied.png
Shadghost Verfied.png TBD
Shadow Verfied.png Fri Aug 4 18:00 Tue Aug 8 1:00 Mead, Belgian beer
Stefan Schmidt Verfied.png Fri Aug 4 0:00 Tue Aug 8 18:00 myself
SuperQ Verfied.png Wed Aug 2 0:00 Wed Aug 9 0:00
carton Verfied.png Fri Aug 4 15:00 Tue Aug 8 16:00
cookingroffa Verfied.png Wed Aug 2 0:00 Wed Aug 9 10:00 my bakery Verfied.png Fri Aug 4 0:00 Tue Aug 8 0:00 uhm
thomascovenant Verfied.png Fri Jul 28 0:00 Tue Aug 8 20:00 A towel.
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Milliways is the international hacker village and restaurant at the end of the Universe.