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F-Droid:Pimp your Android(-fork) with the best Free Software apps +Village:Free Software Foundation Europe  +
Session:Advanced Probiotic Brewing +Village:Foodhackingbase  +
Session:Arduino for kids soldering +Village:Tsja...  +
Session:ArduinoForTotalNewbies +Village:Hardware Hacking Area  +
Session:Autopsy of IoT - Nabaztag, the Hare +Village:ItalianEmbassy  +, Village:ItalianEmbassy-Talks  +
Session:Brief history of IoT (Internet of Things) +Village:ItalianEmbassy  +, Village:ItalianEmbassy-Talks  +
Session:Build & Program your own do-it-your-selfdriving car +Village:Tsja...  +
Session:Build your own Synthesizer +Village:Königlich Bayerisches Amtsvillage  +, Village:Hardware Hacking Area  +
Session:Bullet-Proof Hosting +Village:Belgian Embassy  +
Session:CTF +Village:CTF Village  +
Session:ChaosWest Soundscape +Cluster:ChaosWest  +
Session:Cheap SCA with Open Source tools +Village:Riscufefe  +
Session:Cheese Rendezvous +Village:Foodhackingbase  +
Session:Cider Flows +Village:Foodhackingbase  +
Session:CineMeh +Village:Yolocation  +
Session:Crazy Carts and other Electric Vehicle Hacking +Village:ctdo  +
Session:Cryptokids workshop for kids +Village:Tsja...  +
Session:Cyberbullying: reverse engineering +Village:ItalianEmbassy  +, Village:ItalianEmbassy-Talks  +
Session:DIY sushi +Village:Foodhackingbase  +
Session:Discussion about alternative social media/reasons why they aren't replacing mainstream social media and what we can do about it +Village:Tsja...  +
Session:Do Music/Sounds for fun +Village:Travellers Village  +
Session:Drink and Think +Village:Tsja...  +
Session:ELI5 + Fears and Hopes about Data and Society +Village:Tsja...  +
Session:Esperanto 'Meet-up' +Village:/dev/derp  +
Session:FHB SHA2017 Party +Village:Foodhackingbase  +