Session:Advanced Probiotic Brewing

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Description Overview of different styles of brewing using variety of microbial cultures (for more advanced brewers).
Website(s) Probiotic Brewing
Type Workshop
Kids session No
Keyword(s) drink
Tags brewing, drinks, probiotic, kombucha, kefir, water kefir, kvass, fermentation
Processing village Village:Foodhackingbase
Person organizing User:Algoldor
Language en - English
en - English
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Subtitle brewing with variety of microbial cultures
Starts at 2017/08/06 14:00
Ends at 2017/08/06 16:00
Duration 120 minutes
Location Village:Foodhackingbase

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To secure spot on this workshop please sign in here.

This workshop is combination of workshop, discussion and tasting event. We will talk about variety of brewing styles using spectrum of microbial cultures, pure lines, polycultures and wild ferments. It is dedicated to more advanced brewers sharing their experience and knowledge, with Algoldor coordinating the event. It would be very nice if you could bring experiments which you consider worth of sharing (classical misses/what you should avoid included). We will also exchange cultures at this time. Please sign in in advance. If you feel like newbie but you want to come well do so, it should be inspirational for you too but you are going to feel lost from time to time, just be ready for that.

This event is actually really the place to meet if you ferment and you want to talk to people who are doing similar things. If you are in a position to spend €10 or preferably more, than please do so by claiming this perk at our crowdsourcing campaign or chip in at the spot. If you have money difficulties well no one is turned away for lack of funds anyway so do not worry and come. We should discuss what to do with the cash which we get at this workshop, Algoldor is going to have some suggestions, please think about your ideas. It should be all fermentation related. Projects which we could supports are for example Open Fermentation Day, Fermentation Evenings, Local Crop Processing Project, Fermentation Mobile etc.